The Blair Family we descend were believed to be the first Blairs,  The Blairs of Ayrshire, Scotland.

Our  ancestry from John Blair who married Grisel Semple in 1565 to our earliest know ancestor in the United States William Blair who died in Newberry District, South Carolina in 1814, hopefully someday will be worked out through  the Blair DNA Project or some more information found.  

Generation 1

Uknown Blair 1   b.  Ireland, Scotland, or in America?  

*According to the Moris family Bible David Blair came over with an Uncle John.          

Children of Unkown Blair:

  1. John Blair b. Ireland or Scotland

  2. William Blair b. Ireland or Scotland?


Generation 2

 William Blair 2 (Samuel1) b. Ireland or Scotland? was living in Newberry District, South Carolina  according to the 1800 census records  with a wife and a son.   He was married to Jane McNure.  (William died 1814, his estate papers in Newberry District, South Carolina;  names Jane McNure as administrator of her husbands will.  She renounced such duty 6 March 1814 as did a son  David Blair to Thomas McNure.  Information provided by Keith McNure, Thanks.)         

Children of William Blair were:

  1. David Blair b.  prob. bet. 1765 - 1770 prob. Ireland,  d. Newberry District, South Carolina.

  2. James Blair, b. prob. Ireland? d. 14 July 1816 and burial Kings Creek  Cemetery, Newberry, South Carolina.  He married Jane Streight dau. of George Streight.   Children of James and Jane (Streight) Blair children:  George Blair b. 18 Oct. 1794, James Blair b. 1792, Margaret Blair b. 1791, and Mary Blair b. 1788.  (This James Blair could have been a cousin.)


Generation 3

David Blair 3 (William2Samuel1) b. prob. bet. 1765-1770 (birth date is based on census records and other records found ) prob. Ireland, d. Newberry District,  South Carolina.  He married Catty Unknown.  ( There is a diary written by Paul Morris as told to him by his grandmother, Roxanna Blair Morris.  Roxanna was the daughter of a William Blair that lived in Clayton, Alabama in the 1830's.  William is the son of David Blair and had an older brother named John.   The diary states that following David's  death his wife "Catty" remarried a man named Cor? Williams.  The two sons, John and William did not get along with their step father  and ran away from home , ending up in Henry Co., Alabama.  The descendants of both John Blair Sr. and William Blair's share the same DNA, Blair DNA Project.)                           

 Children of David and Catty (unknown) Blair were:

  1. John Blair Sr. b. 15 March 1800 in Newberry District, South Carolina.  ( Place and date of birth taken from gravestone )  d. 2 Oct 1881 in Troy Co., Alabama.

  2. William Blair b. Newberry District, South Carolina;  he  married Elizabeth Bishop in 1831.

  3. Jane Blair


Generation 4

  John Blair 4  (David3William2Samuel1) was born 15 March 1800 in Newberry District SC, and died 2 Oct 1881 in Troy, Pike Co., Alabama.  He married (1) Cedena Stephens 14 Feb 1828 in Henry Co., Alabama, dau. of John and Jane Stephens.  She died 1830 in Pike Co., Alabama,  Cedena was killed by a black bear while rounding up cows for milking.  He married (2) Kitty Ann Stephens, dau. of John and Jane Stephens,  she was born 21 April 1810 in North Carolina and died 15 June 1874 in Pike Co.,  Alabama.   He married (3) Mary Jane Stephens) Swanner 15 Sept 1874 in Pike Co., Alabama,  dau. of John and Jane Stephens.  She was born in Pike Co., Alabama. 

  Children of John and Cedena Blair:

  1. William S Blair,  b. bet. 1829-1830,  he married  Adaline Benton 1 Aug 1851 in Pike Co., Alabama.

Children of John and Kitty Ann Blair:

  1. Leonard M Blair, b. 26 Feb 1834 in Pike Co., Alabama.

  2. Sarah Blair, b. 2 April 1842.

  3. Mary Blair, b. 13 June 1847 in Pike Co., Alabama; married John Rice Chandler  28 December 1865 in Butler Co., Alabama.  He was born 25 February 1840 in Pike Co., Alabama.

  4. Nancy Blair, b. 1850; m. George W Mancil 9 Jan 1876 in Pike Co., Alabama.

  5. Roxey Ann Blair, b. 9 June 1853; m. James Swanner.

  6. Thaddeus Blair, b. 1852; m. Sarah E Fossett 25 Oct 1874 in Pike Co., Alabama.

  7. Zepheniah Blair, b. 5 Dec 1836; m. Mary Ann Herring 19 Nov 1865 in Barbour Co., Alabama.

  8. Levi Blair, b. 19 Aug 1840; d. Typhoid Fever in the Civil War.

  9. John Blair Jr., b. 25 Jul 1832; m. Malinda Burges 6 Sept 1855 in Pike Co., Alabama.

  10. Needham Blair, b. 1838; m.  (1) Samantha Mancil 29 Dec 1859 in Pike Co., Alabama; he married (2) Amanda Thompson 14 Sept 1865 in Pike Co., Alabama.

  11. Nollie K  Blair, b. 2 Feb 1846; m. Martha A. Herndon 16 Jan 1873 in Pike Co., Alabama.


Generation 5

 Leonard M Blair 5 (John4,  David3,  William2,  Samuel1) was born 26 Feb 1834 in Pike Co., Alabama; d. 3 Dec 1862.  Military Service: Leonard was killed in the Civil War at the age of 28.  He married Mary C Walters dau. of John H. Walters and Sarah Jane Stephens; she was born 1840.  Mary is buried in the Beulah Cemetery, 3 Notch St. Troy,  Pike Co.,  Alabama.  

Children of  Leonard and Mary Blair:

  1. Levi n Blair, b. 9 Aug 1862.

  2. John Lambertine Blair, b. 2 Feb 1860 in Pike Co., Alabama, Near Ino, Alabama; d. 7 Sept 1926 in Elba, Alabama.


Generation 6

John Lambertine Blair 6  (Leonard5,  John4,  David3,  William2,  Samuel1) was born 2 Feb. 1860 in Pike Co., Alabama, near Ino, Alabama; d. 7 Sept 1926 in Elba, Alabama.  He married Sally Josephine Massey dau. of Pleasant Massey and Elizabeth Whaley; she was born 22 March 1861 in Elba, Alabama, and died 2 Oct 1942 in Elba, Alabama.  

Children of   John and  Sally Blair:

  1. Wiley Eugene Blair, b. 9 Aug 1880; d. 16 Dec 1938 in Elba, Alabama; m.  Effie Newsom  9 Sep 1911 in Pike Co., Alabama.

  2. Ella Francis Blair, b. 4 June 1882; d. 29 Dec 1937 in Elba, Alabama.  She married   Robert Lee Andress.

  3. John Frank Blair, b. 19 June 1884; d. 15 April 1938. He married  Verne ( Alvenia) Williamson 22 Sept. 1907.

  4. James Wesley Blair, b. 22 Dec 1887; d. 24 Dec. 1901 in Elba, Alabama.

  5. Lizzie Estelle Blair, b. 20 Sept 1891; d. 19 June 1949,  Brookley Community, Alabama.  She married Wib Andress.

  6. Major Clifton Blair, b. 10 Oct 1896 in Pike Co., in Pike Co., Alabama; d. 4 Jan 1965 in Greenville, Butler Co., Alabama.

  7. Nollie Bell Blair, b. 19 July 1901 in Elba, Alabama; she married (1)  John W Carroll 19 Sept 1915 in Elba, Coffe Co., Alabama,  she married (2) Mike Sollie Brunson 6 March 1934 in Elba, Alabama.

  8. Willie Coleman Blair, b. 1 Sept 1886.


Generation 7

 Major Clifton Blair 7 (John Lambertine6,  Leonard5,  John4,  David3, William2, Samuel1), was born 10 Oct 1896 in Pike Co., Alabama; d. 4 Jan 1965 in Greenville, Butler Co.,  Alabama.  He married (1)  Annie Phillips 30 March 1915,  he married (2)  Eula Mae Parrish dau. of Charles Parrish and Noda McClain.  She was born 13 may 1898 in Ozark, Alabama and died Sept 1980 in Greenville, Butler Co., Alabama.  

Children of Major and Eula Blair:

  1. Lois Orene Blair, b. 4 march 1916 in Coffee Co., Alabama.

  2. Eugene Clifton Blair, b. 14 Feb 1924 in Lake Wales, Florida; d. 5 Aug 1968.  He married Ann Owens.

  3. Louise Oleta Blair, b. 14 Jan 1926; d. 25 Sept 2000 in Montgomery, Alabama.

  4. James Comar Blair, b. 1928 in Escambia Co., Alabama.

  5. Marion Travis Blair, b. 12 Nov 1936.


Generation 8

 James Comar Blair 8 (Major7,  John Lambertine6,  Leonard5,  John4,  David3, William2,  Samuel1), was born 1928 in Escambia Co.,  Alabama.  He married (1) Willene Bender and  he married  (2)  Marjorie Jane Taylor, dau. of Forrest Taylor and Osa Smith on 4 Aug 1954 in Hot Springs, South Dakota.  

Children of James and Willene Blair:

  1. Richard Wayne Blair, b. 12 May 1950 in Houston, Texas; d. 6 Feb 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Seven Children of James and Marjorie Jane Blair:

  1. Deborah Jane Blair

  2. Cheryl L Blair

  3. Wendy K Blair

  4. Cindy A Blair

  5. Tracy L Blair

  6. James Blair Jr.

  7. Mark T Blair


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